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Socially-Driven Enterprise

Updated: May 2, 2023

I walked into the new Gahanna library with a cheery smile and greeted the two librarians at the front desk.
After a brief cordial exchange, I asked if they had a community bulletin board to post info about the new CSA. "Are you a non-profit?" the librarian quized .
"Technically, no."
"We only let non-profits hang up flyers."
Understanding the rationale, I thanked them, tucked my little pink FMT postcards back into my bag, and left... feeling a bit dejected.
To clarify, FMT is a socially driven enterprise. We believe in a set of foundational principles that motivate our work.
We believe in:

  • Regenerative (not just sustainable) growing practices and initiatives that support our interconnected ecology.

  • Cultivated connections. As a community of people, we are an ecological system too. The more supportive individuals are of each other, the stronger the system.

  • Education as power. We want to foster learning in our community that impacts 'growth'. Knowlege that is sequestered is waisted.

  • Curiosity. Not only does this experimental attitude help us to be better growers, it leads us to deeper understanding. With understanding supporting us, we have more opportunities to find joy. What if?

  • Fiscal responsiblity. We have big dreams (see above) and are using the income we generate to push them forward.

  • Accessibility. Healthy food is not a luxery. FMT will always remain affordable for low-income members. (Working on becoming SNAP eligible!) Home deliveries are also a means to address access. While our delivery model might shift, and we are always looking for more efficient, environmental ways of reaching more members of our community, those who are homebound or otherwise unable will always be eligible for door-step CSA drop offs in our area.

Thanks to everyone who believes in what we are doing. Local farms are the future.


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