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Growing Food and Nourishing the Community

Hi Neighbor!

FMT (Feed Me Tomatoes) is a small, urban farm just around the corner offering weekly seasonal produce. We use organic regenerative, no-till practices that are good for the earth and good for you.

FMT is a socially-driven enterprise. We believe in a set of principles that go beyond being a business and motivate our work: 

  • Regenerative growing practices. Sustainable is no longer enough, and we need to rebuild the land we have overworked and underfed.

  • Cultivated connections. As a community of people, we are an ecological system too. The more supportive individuals are of each other, the stronger the system.

  • Education as power. We want to foster learning in our community that impacts 'growth'. Knowledge that is sequestered is waisted.

  • Curiosity. Not only does this experimental attitude help us to be better growers, it leads us to deeper understanding. With understanding supporting us, we have more opportunities to find joy. What if?

  • Fiscal responsibility. We have big dreams (see above) and are using the income we generate to push them forward.

  • Accessibility. Healthy food is not a luxury. Its important to us that we work with markets that offer SNAP and other food benefits and discounts. We also donate our excess produce to a local food pantry. Everyone should have access to the rainbow of vibrant foods we can grow here in Ohio.

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